Urgent care is on-demand, walk-in medical care when you experience a sudden, unexpected illness or injury. You will often visit an urgent care clinic when you need a same-day
appointment, and your regular primary care doctor is too busy.


The Retreat Medical Spa: Henry Kaw, MD, offers urgent care services that include diagnostic tests and treatment. Dr. Kaw recommends you come in for urgent care when you have a non-life threatening medical condition requiring treatment within 24 hours.

Urgent care is designed to treat some of the most common health complaints. If you or a loved
one has one or more of these symptoms, you may benefit from urgent care:


● Sore throat
● Cough
● Runny nose
● Nausea
● Abdominal pain
● Fever
● Fatigue
● Swollen glands


Aches and pains are a sign you may be coming down with the flu and may need urgent care.